Experienced and trusted accountants in Poland dedicated to foreign investors.

HR and Payroll

Leading HR and Payroll providers. Skilled in explaining intricacies of Polish regulations.


Certified auditors with outstanding understanding of complexity of international business.

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Experienced Tax Advisor and Lawyers recognized as leading advisors to foreign investors.


Your Accountants in Poland

DPG Tax was established as a joint venture of Eurotax (leading accountancy and payroll firm from Western Poland, established in 2000) and Dudkowiak Kopeć Putyra (boutique law firm with offices in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław and Zielona Góra, established in 1992), forming a team of more than 50 specialists (including accountants, HR specialists, tax advisers, expert auditors, barristers and solicitors) experienced in providing top level of services to foreign investors operating on the Polish market.

Our goal is to provide our Clients with a one stop shop solution, covering services in the field of accountancy, HR and payroll, tax as well as legal. Our experience in all above fields serves our Clients with confidence in the constantly changing legal and tax environment, enabling them to focus on their core business.  

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